C CRUSH ORIGINAL Women's 4-Pack Italian Made Cotton Scarf


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  • 100% Cotton

  • PACK OF 3: C CRUSH ORIGINAL Scarfs for Women Set includes 3 individually wrapped women scarves in black, blue and red; designed with fashion-forward and easy to match prints that will look great as a hair wrap, bandana top, face mask for women with design and more; measures 30in x 30in

  • 100% COTTON: Our neck scarf is hypoallergenic and will suit even the most delicate skin; Perfect to use as a summer scarf for it is highly breathable and absorbent; Our neck/ hair scarves are natural and will not cause allergic reactions -soft and smooth like a silk scarf, only gentler!

  • MADE IN ITALY: Italian scarves for women are known for its top-class quality and style; exude elegance by wearing these womens scarves around your shoulder or giving it as a birthday gift! A useful gift for they make fashionable face masks for women!

  • VERSATILE USE: Wrap this cotton scarf around your neck, waist, hat and handbag; use it for wrapping your hair at night or as a fashionable face covering, designer headband, head scarf, and more! Our cotton bandana for women set also keeps you warm in colder seasons and protects you from the sun during summer

  • CARE: Like a satin scarf, our neck and hair scarfs require gentler care. The best way is to wash them by hand but if you prefer to use your washer, we recommend placing it in a washing bag to prevent these head wraps for women from getting entwined with other garments; iron in low heat

  • C CRUSH ORIGINAL Women's 4-Pack Italian Made Cotton Scarf